Election night GOTV. Alan and Jim making the last calls.


Meet the Candidates

Vote Row A on November 7!

Sara Idleman

Sara Idleman for Supervisor

  • 8 years experience as Town Supervisor and County Legislator
  • 52 years of community involvement and public service
  • Advocate for community building
  • Detailed Bio
Eleanor’s Legacy Endorses Sara and Audrey.

Audrey Fischer

Audrey Fischer for Town Council

  • 32 years of public service
  • Advocate for youth programs
  • Lifelong resident of Washington County
  • Detailed Bio

Pat Donohue

Pat Donahue for Town Council

  • Chief and 43 year member of the Fire Department
  • 20 years of community service in Cossayuna and Greenwich
  • 30 years of managerial and budgetary business experience
  • Detailed Bio


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