Welcome to the Greenwich Democratic Committee

The Greenwich Democratic Committee serves as a political resource and meeting ground for Democrats interested in local and national politics. Our purpose is to

  • Inspire participation
  • Recruit and support Democratic candidates
  • Evaluate and support issues
  • Promote a high voter turnout for Democratic candidates
  • Act as a conscience in our community
  • Participate in creating the best possible government for the Town and Village of Greenwich

Our primary goal is to find and support the next generation of candidates for local office. To support this mission the committee serves as a fund-raising organization and provides campaign management and leadership training.

We are dedicated to increasing awareness and participation in the local political process. We seek to be your partner in creating responsive, open, transparent and democratic local government.

Our monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, and we welcome visitors and new members. Please call James Nolan 518-531-4039 for information about the time and place of the next meeting.