Celebrating and Protecting Open Government

Protecting and expanding New York’s legal tradition of guaranteeing the public’s right to know what our government is or is not doing is the purpose Candidates Sara Idleman, Audrey Fischer and Pat Donahue are running for.  Far beyond living up to the letter of the law, they believe open government goes beyond responding to FOIL requests or having the public sit in on meetings.  It means upholding and enhancing the spirit and intent of the law and opening up the full process of governing to the people.

Once in office, they pledge to continue this dialogue and to fulfill the vision of the Sunshine Laws to engage with Town residents, to ask for their input for solutions to problems as well as for new ideas to enhance the quality of life in Greenwich.  They will form citizen task forces and advisory groups.  Most importantly, they will act on the recommendations that arise from these efforts.

Your vote for Sara, Audrey and Pat is what will make the 45th anniversary of New York’s Sunshine Laws the year real open government comes to Greenwich.

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