Our Positions

We are running to assure that your local elected officials are available and answerable to you, the residents of our community.  We feel your elected officials must ask for your input and ideas for securing a future for Greenwich that brings in families and businesses to our Town.

We believe in open government. To us, this is not a slogan or catch-phrase.  It’s about fighting to preserve and better our way of life by seeking out, understanding and acting on what the people of Greenwich want to see in our town.  

While we may not all agree on the best course of action at any given time or on any given topic, open government represents the best way to bridge what might divide us by bringing residents and our government together in dialogue so we can tap whatever internal and external resources we need to fulfill our shared vision.  Our government should and can be a unifying and effective instrument to make our desires a reality.

Here are some of the things we’ve been hearing from residents:

Involve Citizens in our Government – Welcome citizen input; empower Focus and Citizen Action Groups to make recommendations on matters such as clean/green community, senior housing, land use, ghost properties, economic development, etc.  

Recruit Volunteer First Responders – Pat Donahue is a Fire Chief in Cossayuna and knows firsthand the importance of recruiting firefighters and EMS personnel in the face of declining numbers of volunteers.  Partner with our Schools and neighboring Departments to offer school-based programs, similar to FFA or Driver Education, for students beginning in middle school. 

Develop our Community – build infrastructure (water, electricity, broadband) to create a vibrant downtown to create jobs and attract shoppers and diners.  Infill our underutilized commercial areas while standing firm on protecting agricultural land. Be proactive in our planning efforts to achieve growth while maintaining the deep agricultural roots of Greenwich.

Provide more Youth Services and Community Recreation – Greenwich Schools already have a strong reputation that attracts families with young children.  More opportunities for activities outside of school will enhance our attractiveness by providing the physical, educational and environmental activities children and adults crave.

Reclaim Space – Abandoned, contaminated and under-used properties should be reclaimed and returned to useful purpose. This will bring more visitors into our Town where they shop and dine as well as use the land for recreation.

Provide Accessible Senior Housing – Greenwich loses seniors because there is little or no affordable, accessible senior housing available.  Proposals that put such housing any distance from the Village only serve to isolate seniors.  Develop senior housing and provide services such as a Senior Center in walkable areas.